We the people are grassroots activists who have spent decades educating the general public to the truth regarding cannabis/hemp. We will not stop until cannabis is legal for all people and all uses.  We have extensive knowledge on cannabis/hemp laws, have educated, organized, hosted classes, conferences and festivals, have filed lawsuits on behalf of we the people, have written legal language, laws and initiatives, have passed out free cannabis to adults and  we thank Jack HererRespect and love.

Re-legalize cannabis/hemp for all people and all uses via education

Stick to science and facts

Promote cannabis/hemp PRIDE

Fund & file required lawsuits

Be loud and proud

Our members come from all walks of life. Anyone is welcome to jump on the education bus.  PRIDE is required.  Wanna provide content?  Send an email.   

Our Background

Our Members

Our mission

 The People's Plant 

Cannabis March NYC 2014.

  Hemp Pride

Colorado 2014.

a campaign of conscience