The People's Plant 

                           The "Cuti" Campaign

                                                       (Created under the influence)

We the people are PROUD of our cannabis/hemp culture!  We are sick of false, negative attacks and generalizations on people who use or promote the tree of life.  We know that people from all walks of life successfully use cannabis-hemp in dozens of ways and you know it too.   No matter in color, age, sex, hair, clothing (appearance), religion or what country they live in.  It includes almost 1 million people who get 'busted' in the US every year and probation violators just like it includes successful doctors, lawyers, scientists, inventors, school teachers, athletes, farmers, laborers, housewives, entrepreneurs, law enforcement, ex/presidents, military, artists, musicians, hempsters, religious leaders, college kidsand yes, dabbers.      

We believe it's time for people to be loud and PROUD about their use, results and beliefs regarding cannabis-hemp.

The People's Plant is launching our "Cuti" Campaign so people can show their "CANNABIS PRIDE", "HEMP PRIDE", "POT PRIDE", "CANNA PRIDE", "CANNABIS PROUD" or "Cuti" idea and for minimal fee's, be licensed to use our line of Cannabis PRIDE stamps on anything from one of a kind creations to mass printing on packaging.  All monies collected from this campaign will go towards education and litigation on cannabis-hemp until cannabis-hemp is legal for all people and all uses.  This is an opportunity for you to show your CANNABIS PRIDE and help grassroots activists bring down the wall.   

a campaign of conscience